L.A. Guns Merchandise

L.A. GUNS stickers Skull -n- Wings logo ($5.00)   Fanclub Pak (t-shirt, sticker, photo, newsletter)  
LAG men's black t-shirts (Star Burst Logo) S M L XL ($20.00)   LAG Girls spaghetti strap T-shirt (only the wings and skull design is available) M L XL ($20.00)
Autographed Band Photo ($5.00)
  LAG Girls Babydoll T-Shirts Star Burst Logo S,M,L,XL ($20.00)
Steve Riley autographed used drumsticks with LAG logo ($15.00)   LAG Girls Tank Tops Star Burst Logo S,M,L,XL ($20.00)

L.A. Guns Fan Club Info

Purchase a Fan Club package for $30.00
The package consists of the items listed to the right.
  • L.A. Guns T-Shirt (Mens or Girls T-Shirt Star Burst Logo)
  • Autographed photo
  • Sticker (Skull -n- Wings logo)
  • Newsletter
    Questions or problems? Please direct them to lagunsmerch@gmail.com  


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    ** Shipping outside of the U.S. - $10.00

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