Kenny Kweens - Bass

Nickname: Sugar

Date / Place of Birth:
Once upon a time in a place far, far away from here...

Bass Guitar, Guitar, Harmonica, Triangle, Kazoo...

Most Inspirational Musicians:
Trent Reznor, Prince, Keith Richards, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Norah Jones

Favorite Bands of Today:
The White Stripes, Godsmack, NIN, Zombie, Jet, Velvet Revolver, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Kings of Leon, Oasis, The Foo Fighters

Favorite Song/Place to Play Live:
My favorite L.A. Guns song would be hmmm... It's a toss up, so I'll give you 3: "Never Enough" - "I Wanna Be Your Man" - "Rip and Tear" Favorite place to play hmmm... Another toss up, Tokyo, Japan - New York City - Anywhere in the south or near the New Orleans, LA or Biloxi, MS area.

Other Bands You've Been In:
Beautiful Creatures, Villains Of Vaudeville, Shake The Faith, No. 9

How Did You Get Started In Music?
Picked up an old beat up out of tune guitar my dad had laying around and I've been hooked ever since.

I play Fantasy Football. My favorite team is the New Orleans Saints, so I follow them all year round. I collect old pin up stuff mostly by Gil Elvgren. Graphic Design is also something I like to do, so I doodle in photo shop quite a bit. I even scored a gig with the Disney cartoon, "Phineas and Ferb."

Favorite Movie/TV Show:
My favorite movie is Forrest Gump. I don't watch much TV, but I'd say anything to do with the NFL. I loving watching football games!!! GEAUX SAINTS!

Favorite Actor/Actress:
Johnny Depp and Julia Roberts

Favorite Book/Author:
Playboy, because the pictures are nice..

Any Words of Wisdom?
Never look up to anyone, look them right in the eye.

Anything Else You Want to Share?
Keep your feet on the ground, love in your heart and stardust out of your eyes.

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