Gypsy - the custom fragrance created exclusively by Philip Lewis, using the finest essential oils from around the world. Holy frankincense from the East, refreshing California citrus, and Egyptian patchouli from the mouth of the river Nile are combined to form a unique and distinctive scent for men or women with gypsy in their soul.

This formula was created for my own personal use and perfected over many years to the version I wear today. For the first time, I've acquired a small set of limited edition bottles for Gypsy. A little goes a long way with these potent oils - just a small dab is enough for all day. Each 4ml (1/8 oz) black glass vial is adorned with a double-sided Gypsy by Phil Lewis guitar pick label on a silver plated chain, nestled in a black velvet gift pouch. The first 10 bottles will receive the special white fleur de lis cap.

Oils will be mixed and bottled after October 1st, and I look forward to sharing my creation with all the other gypsies around the world.



Gypsy by Phil Lewis
$25 USD
size: 4ml, 1/8 oz